Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Plight of Alicia Encinata

Alicia had confessed when she was just 8 years old that she would one day have a wedding of biblical proportions. Her wish would come true.

12 years later she stood at the alter as her world collapsed.

It was only through sheer luck that Alicia was able to stop Calista Corazone from ushering in the age of perdition.

Corazone had uncovered an original version of the Ars Goetia. One of the books King Solomon used to evoke and imprison 72 of the great daemonum. She was attempting to use this ancient grimoire to awaken Orobas, and Amon from the infernal regions. She sought simply to remake the world in the image of her home, the stygian limbo from which she was spawned.

At the end of the day Calista was defeated. The ingress was sealed. Its aperture was shrunk to a grain of sand and plugged with a sewing pin plucked from Alicia’s wedding dress. Though it was a bitter sweet victory as the groom was mortally wounded by Corazone. He died that evening in Alicias arms.

She took it upon herself to find a way to destroy the great grimoire that had allowed this to happen. For years she searched, and has yet to find a solution. The Ars Goetia[1] remains hidden and protected in a location of only her knowing.


And so life went on and she tried to make sense of it all. To cope, she sought to dround herself in work.  Having forgone traditional university education for a 2 year certificate in the dark arts, there weren't many job opportunities that fit her qualifications. Especially in the midst of a massive economic downturn...

To keep her landlord happy she juggled a number of part time jobs. She took freelance work where she could, starting a popular blog laying out the conditions for a successful seance. She worked the front desk at a veterinary clinic during the day. At night she worked as a nude model for a prestigious local art academy.

It was here she met Samson Hofferstroff and they fell in love.[2] Within a year they were married. They kept the wedding small and only invited close friends. In two years they had given birth to a daughter they named Marta.

Once a year they leave Marta with her grandmother, Alibi, and they travel the world seeking a way to destroy the Ars Goetia.

Alicia has a star tattoo on the small of her back which she has come to regret, and another of Godzilla[3] on her right shoulder, which she does not.

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